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May 23, 2010

Got What it Takes to be a Reporter?

1. Mostly True (2)

2. Mostly True (3)

3. Not True (2)

4. Mostly True (1)

5. Mostly True (3)

6. Mostly True (2)

7. Mostly True (2)

8. Mostly True (3)

9. Not True (1)

10. Not True (1)

11. Mostly True (0)

12. Mostly True (3)

13. Mostly True (1)

14. Not True (2)

Total Points : 27 “You’re a solid contender for a successful journalism career. You’ve got the personality and ability a good reporter needs.” (Harrower, 29)

Feature Lead Story (Revised)

Birthday cake is hot enough to set off fire alarm at Mabel McCullough’s 95 birthday party hosted by First United Methodist Church women’s group.

The party included a carrot cake for the birthday girl with 95 candles on top. When McCullough went to blow them out, a cloud of smoke was created and set off a smoke alarm.

Guest Edin Carlin stated “There wasn’t an inch to spare. By the time we had them all lit, it looked like a torch”, followed by “We had just sat down to eat when we saw them in the doorway.”

Carlin spoke in reference to the 24 firefighters that showed up with five engines and two ladder companies.

“In my 23 years on the job, I’ve seen a lot of things set off a fire alarm, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one going off because of a birthday cake.” Fire Chief Lonnie Lamb said.

The firefighters didn’t stick around to eat birthday cake, although they did have their pictures taken with McCullough.

News Story #4 (Revised)

A gas line broke near Folsom and 11th streets in San Francisco, around 12:30 pm yesterday effectively shutting down a four-block area.

According to a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. worker, a private construction crew was trying to repair sewer lines, when a backhoe severed a two-inch underground gas pipe in the process. At least 100 people had to evacuate the area, including neighborhood residents, dozens of business owners and their customers.

Carlann Lauria, manager of a self-storage company on Folsom near 10th street called Crocker’s Locker’s, said that her customers were irate and that her employees had to go outside of police perimeters to collect payment from their patrons.

Another manager, Samantha Feldman of Wa-Ha-Ka restaurant, said her employees and patrons were forced to leave as the restaurant is at the corner where the construction crew had been working. Feldman said the restaurant lost about $500 worth of business in the shutdown. PG&E stated that the gas was finally turned back on at 5:09 pm.

Ethics and Libel

Ethics Q&A

1) If they are related to the investigation and I had a gut feeling that she was involved in legal activity, I would try to inquire from her what they meant and work from that angel because if I viewed the material, reported it, and was asked for evidence of me seeing it wouldn’t look good on my part if I snuck to view them.

2) I wouldn’t get the job just for that purpose of reporting because journalism is not the FBI where people have to go to extremes to go undercover. I would try my best to obtain information without having to do something that drastic. I especially wouldn’t want to be responsible for taking care of someone in the home if my heart wasn’t in it and I wasn’t qualified to do so.

3) If you are using anyone else’s work besides your own then you must cite the source even if you got it from a website. It’s disrespectful and plagiarism to not say where you got material that you used from.


The libelous passages that I found is the one that state’s “Karen Hart, 123 Hill Hall, says the professor, George O.T. Jungle, has touched her during tutoring sessions in his office and has invited her to his apartment several times. She said she declined his invitations. ‘I am having trouble in the class and I have to go see him to get help with my papers and projects,” Hart said. “But I am scared to go in his office now.’ “ I think that the editor needs to include evidence and a police investigation before reporting it because if it’s published without facts and her accusations turn out to be false the story could hurt a lot of people and their reputations, mainly the university, the student, the professor and his family and friends.

Real Life Reporting

        Enough is enough. Is exactly what the students at students at San Jose State University were saying at the African-American summit on March 6th, 2010. The event was a panel discussion hosted by the SJSU Black Student Union and Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity incorporated with a panel of an African-American professor, alumni, staff, and current student answering questions that the host asked, thus setting the tone for the audience to respond.

         The summit covered a few minute topics that are relevant in the African-American community, but the main one that was discussed was the incident with the noose at University of California San Diego a few weeks prior.

      Apparently a student at the university was in the library playing around with a rope that later became knotted and hung it from a desk. When she left to go home she left the rope behind her where it was later discovered by other students which did nothing more but escalate the racial tensions between students at the university from past events.

     At the African-American summit at San Jose State University, students were asked did they think the story about the student just playing with a rope and not intending to harm anyone was valid or not. Many students believed that it was not because regardless of what ethnicity you are, if you have studied American history then you would have been informed of slavery and all the negative things that came out of it. There were of course a handful of students who believe that people are just trying to find a reason to justify tensions between races and that it could have honestly been a mistake.

          The differences of opinion sparked good debate that often times had to be calmed down by the host on multiple occasions. Vice President of the SJSU Black Student Union said “I was really shocked at the outcome of whose ‘side’ everyone was on. A lot of times when moral issues arise people just want to take the popular vote and not voice their opinions so it was great to see the debates arise”.

          The tone of the overall event is that regardless of what intentions the student that left the noose had, we need to all be mindful of our actions in the public’s eye and how they could potentially hurt other people and cause serious problems. Besides that, it is about time that the hostility between different racial groups, Caucasians and African-Americans especially come to end. True in a perfect world you cannot make everyone get along, but in the year of 2010 enough is enough and is about time that people act like civilized adults and at least be cordial to the next human being regardless of their skin pigmentation.

Reporting with Numbers (Math for Journalists)

Please refer to the “Math for Journalists” section in Inside Reporting, Ch. 4, p. 86-87 (or p. 84-85 in the first edition), for the information you will need to complete these exercises. You’ll want to review the sections on calculating percentages and figuring the mean and median (p. 86), as well as the “idea file” bullet points (p. 87) on how to present numbers.

 1) A local college releases figures showing that its total budget is $120 million. Of that total, $80 million comes from the state, $6 million from student tuition, and the remaining $34 million from fees, grants and gifts.

* Figure the percentage of the college’s budget that comes from each source.

The state provides 66.6%, tuition is 5% and the remaining 28.4% comes from fees, grants and gifts.

* Identify the significance of each funding source (the most vs. the least, etc.).

The significant amount of the budget is what comes from the state versus the minimal amount that comes from student’s tuition.

* Using plain words, instead of numbers, explain the proportion of funding that comes from different sources. Say it in the way you think would make it most easily understood.

The majority of money granted towards college’s budget comes from the state, with almost a third of it coming fees, grants, and gifts and the portion from student tuition is very small.

2) Your editor assigns you to do a story about prison sentences handed down in cases of aggravated assault. He gives you the following figures from an anti-crime group that is lobbying for tougher sentencing guidelines. The cases represent the people convicted for aggravated assault in San Jose in one month in 2006.

* Calculate the average prison term for people convicted of aggravated assault, taking care to convert some of the terms to figures that will compare properly (months vs. years).

 * Calculate the median prison term for people convicted of aggravated assault.

The median prison term for aggravated assault is twelve months.

* Explain why the average or median figure is the most accurate description of prison terms.

The median figure is the most accurate because it’s the best thing to use for a series of numbers containing irregular extremes.

Name                Sentence

Donald Lee 1 year prison, 2 years probation

Richard Smith 1 year prison, 1 year probation

Wesley Mitchell 14 months prison, 1 year probation

Mary Jones 1 year prison, 1 year probation

Juan Rodriguez 1 year prison, 2 years probation

Harold Rothstein 8 months prison, 1 year probation

Michael Reese 7 years prison, 5 years probation

3) The state legislature is considering exempting restaurant food sales from the sales tax in the same way grocery sales are exempt.

 * First, find out the state sales tax.

California’s sales tax is 8.25%

 * Then determine and explain how much fast-food patrons who pay $5 per meal would save in a year if they eat out once a week.

They would save $21.45

 * Explain how much people would save if they spend $20 per meal once a week for a year.

They would save $85.80

Magazine Blog

Vibe Magazine has been around the globe almost as long as I have. Founded by famous music producer Quincy Jones just three years after my birth, it has become one of my favorite magazines. The magazine features stories centered around popular hip-hop and R&B artists as well as actors, sports figures, entrepreneurs etc.

The target audience of the publication is people who associate with the hip hop culture, and generally are people of African-American descent. Vibe’s style of writing is simplistic and to the point; focusing on issues that the youth are concerned about – who’s dating who, safe sex, profiles of their favorite celebrities, and other endless possibilities.

Some of Vibe’s most recent and popular feature stories include the election of President Obama, and the domestic violence case between R&B/Pop singers Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Slice Of Life Body

“Body Marked Up Like the Subway in Harlem”

 Well not quite exactly. More relation to body being marked up like church graffiti, in few places and very rare but obviously that line wasn’t catchy enough. The quote, which came from hip hop artist Lil Wayne in a Destiny’s Child song that he was featured in refers to the young rappers various tattoos that outline all visible parts of his body. Of course the tattoos on my body barely cover anything; it still gives me a sense of pride when I view the permanent markings that are embedded in my skin.

Tattoos have been something that I was interested in since I was in my adolescence. Almost everyone that I know has at least one placed somewhere on their body. For years I would watch my cousins, aunts, uncles etc. leave home one day with unblemished skin then come back with bold lines that connected and told a story.

At the age of sixteen I asked my mom could I get one of my own and seeing as how she herself possessed nearly seven,or maybe because I was getting her name, she allowed me to have the ink done. Although the etching of the dye inside of my skin burned out of this world, as soon as it was done I found myself slightly addicted and always wanting more. As of today I have five littered on my body.

Tattoos excite me because of the permanent feeling or story that they tell whenever you view them. They sometimes can be a drag because of the permanent feeling or story that they tell whenever you do them. Fact of the matter is, tattooing is an adrenaline rush of excitement and rebellion when people get them done, but I myself will admit that some of the things we put on our bodies represent something that is a phase in our lives and not something that is set in stone.

There is a design or two embedded in my skin as we speak that I wish I either would not have gotten at all or that there could be some type of alteration to it. And I try to remind myself as much as possible that I’m only nineteen years old and that what I think of getting inked may not be a thought that I want to express to the world forever. But yet and still when that urge hits me, and it hits hard, I find myself asking an artistic friend to break out the sketch pad and let’s see what we can come up with.


I would like to do a profile on my favorite artist Trey Songz for my magazine/multimedia project. Although I have been a fan since 2005, I have noticed that the singer did not really come into the public’s eye until 2008 when he cut off his cornrow braids, which then led to him having a “breakthrough” year in 2009. Songz has been on the media scene for 5 years and with his new found success almost overnight, I am excited to see what is in store for him within the next 5 years of his career, and I’m curious to analyze how he got to become the success that he is.

Focus Story

Pete Stenhoff did not get to walk the stage with his class at Chula Vista High School in Redmond, CA due to a football energy the previous year. During the now 18-year old junior year of high school, he was in the middle of a game when he rammed his head into opposing ball carrier’s chest. Stenhoff cracked vertebrae in his spine and now is confined to a wheelchair.

His injury, is a minor representation of what happens on a consecutive basis to many young students who involve themselves with the sport. There are 20,000 injuries in high school football each year — 12 percent of them permanently disabling the victims. Thirteen youths died last year. Thirty-five percent of the injuries are to the neck or head. Most critics blame the helmet.

Although Stenhoff stated “I knew the risks involved when I decided to play football,” and that he isn’t upset with the game for his disability, he also added “I wish I would have known just how bad it could be.”

At the time of the accident, Stenhoff weighed 210 pounds; now he weighs 172 pounds. He didn’t graduate with his class is and trying to get his diploma by taking correspondence courses.

To many, his story produces sad frowns and disappointed shakes of the head to his listeners. But to Stenhoff, it’s a stepping stone that he must overcome, even if it is a year or so after it was cast.

Soft Broadcast Lead





Topical Blog Post

When the Fun is Taken Out of Social Media

On April 23rd, 2010 thousands of viewers of the popular urban website mediatakeout.com didn’t get as many laughs that day as expected. In the midst of political updates, tabloid-style celebrity gossip, and the latest on high fashion in the U.S, was a story about a woman who had created a Facebook account to mourn the death of her stillborn child.

Although many would agree that mother’s hurt worst than anyone else when they lose a child, maybe even more so when they lose one that they didn’t get to properly meet, but there has got to be a time when the world has to put its foot down. Although many people use sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. to announce accomplishments as well as hardships, there should not be an entire page dedicated to the death of someone, especially a child because it exploits that person’s memory, as well as makes the fun place of social media as drum as everyday life.

I don’t mean to be callous or to appear as if the woman does not have the right to express her sorrow but there are things called extremes that we all need to be aware of. I also criticize mediatakeout.com for posting her story because it was made to exploit her and the death of her child rather than do any good to the person that they were featuring.

Broadcast Lead #1



Broadcast Lead #2





5-17-10 “Magazine Final Project Video”

May 17, 2010

5-17-10 “Magazine Project” part 1

May 17, 2010

You hear it. Slow beats in the background that causes your head to nod and your fingers to snap. You feel it. The tempting tunes consume your body causing your hips to wind and your internal temperature to rise. You’re into it. You are immersed in the music having a gay old time when you’re caught slightly off guard by the alluring and magnetic crooning of male R&B singer Trey Songz. You’re equilibrium doesn’t get restored until he belts out lustful lyrics with enough sexual innuendos to make your mother squirm.

The 25-year-old singer is at the top of his game due to mind boggling perseverance, non-stop musical collaborations, mix-tapes and the release of his third album “Ready” in 2009. According to Vibe Magazine, he is “the hardest in R&B”, and he fits the description in more ways than one as he pictured shirtless on the cover of their April/May 2010 issue chiseled abs and sinewy arms soaking wet and all.

Songz, who first came onto the music scene in 2005 has had a tough time making his claim to fame. The ladies have always had their eye on him, but that is about it. His first two albums made him enough money to live for the year and got him enough recognition so people would not say “who” when his name was mentioned, but it did not go any further than that. Noticing that music wasn’t as in love with him as he was with it, Songz went into “grind” mode working non-stop to make sure his voice would be heard.

The Virginia native began using the beats of today’s most popular beats in the hip-hop and R&B community and remixing him and releasing all across the net. His versions of the songs, sometimes even better than the original artist, opened up eyes of many who had been previously uninterested in what he had to say. From there he re-designed his image but cutting off his cornrow braids, leaving the baggy clothes to the rappers and dressing more mainstream appropriate.

One of, of not the greatest move that Songz made was pairing with upcoming rapper Drake who is taking the world by storm for a few underground songs on both of their mix-tapes, and collaborating for the hip-hop anthem of 2009 “Successful”.  In the summer of 2009, Songz released an official mix-tape titled “Anticipation” to be downloaded specifically from his website as a promo to his third album which released a few months after in September. “Anticipation” had the ladies swooning with tracks such as “Scratchin’ Me Up” and “On Top” just to name a few. The world became deeply infatuated with Mr. Songz and hoped that his album “Ready” would excel the greatness of the “Anticipation” mix-tape. And he did not disappoint.

The album, which to date has produced numerous tracks including “I Need a Girl”, “I Invented Sex”, “Say Aah”, “Successful”, and “Neighbors Know My Name”, has officially earned Trey Songz the titled of sex icon in the R&B world. Besides the fact that he is the epitome of every woman’s fantasy, he also earned himself a spot on tour with Jay-Z, has had other magazine covers such as Jet and Honey, and many live performances on television and talk shows, the most recent beingMTV’s “When I was 17” and “Unplugged”. Songz has surely climbed his way up from the bottom of the food chain and the world is “Ready” to see what else he can bring to the table.

Trey Songz Fact Box

Name: Tremaine Aldon Neverson

Birthdate : November 28th, 1984 (Age 25)

Hometown: Petersbug, VA

Discography: I Gotta Make It (2005), Trey Day (2007), Ready (2009)


Assignments for 5-8-10

May 4, 2010

Broadcast Lead #1

 Two people were killed Wednesday afternoon by an Amtrak train in Richmond.  The train was carrying thirty-nine passengers from Oakland to Bakersfield with no injuries reported.

The accident happened near the intersection of Carlson Boulevard and Ohio Avenue and the tracks were not fenced. The victims have not been indentified and the exact causes of their death are under investigation.

Broadcast Lead #2

The horse that ran across Highway 17 two weeks ago has safely been returned to its owner. Star is a white 22-year-old Arabian horse that lives on Suzanne Cristallo’s barn south of Los Gatos. His owner is 10-year old Athena Muzumdar.

Star belonged to Athena for only a few weeks before it escaped through a gate that was opened by a neighboring Pony named Oreo. He probably escaped because he wasn’t used to his new environment or the other animals that reside in the barn where he lives.

Star was returned to Athena once the Humane Society officials confirmed that the horse had not been mistreated. Athena was happy for his safe return and that nothing bad had happened to him.

Broadcast Style #1

Northquest Airlines just anounced that it’s cutting it’s domestic fares by up to forty percent for holiday travelers. (4)



Tickets must be purchased by the first of July for travel between November twentieth and January fifth in the continental U.S. (3)

Assignments forweek 3-14-10

March 14, 2010


Most college sophomores slip into their second year of higher education with ease as they have already gotten over the jitters of being away from home , know their way around campus very well and have met a plethora of people whom they can hang out or study with. Unfortunately, this past August, 19-year- old sophomore college student Darnell Minor could not say that the former was his case.

Born and raised in the wealthy neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California, Minor is used to a lavish lifestyle that consists of shopping at high-end department stores on a constant basis, and having most of the world at his fingertips.

Deciding to break away from the almost rich and famous, Minor ventured to San Jose State University via Los Angeles in August of 2008. There he maintained a job, befriended quite a number of people and found enough malls to satisfy his natural craving of the “finer” things in life.

This past year however, August 2009 should have been a breeze when the young male planned to return to the campus of San Jose State University, but Minor’s security blanket was snatched from right under one.

Due to issues with his resource of paying for college, Minor was not able to attend San Jose State University for his second year of college but rather transferred to Langston University in Oklahoma and had to redo the whole freshman and “new-kid on the block “ forms of hazing before  being able to find his niche.

Although he managed to keep his grades up, Minor’s social life diminished as he did not have the large group of friends that he had acquired in San Jose, the “finer” and expense things in life were limited as he hadn’t gotten a job yet and because there are not many stores that fit his taste in the suburban like area of the college he now attends.

“I don’t consider myself to be selfish or superficial” says Minor, “but when you are raised a certain way then you will continue to want to embrace that lifestyle”

A lifestyle that Minor loves, but he now has learned to cope with the things that he has access to and be slightly less materialistic.

“At the end of the day I’m still going to be me regardless” Minor says “but at the same time, this major location change not only made me appreciate the people and things in my life that have been granted to me, and  but to also view materials items as wants not things needs”.  

 AP Exercise #4

1) When he heard the building scheme for the new high school had been rejected, Bill pulled out his stationery to write a letter of protest. (2)
2) Ben really knows his Scriptures, but he knows little about the Talmud or the Shariah. (3)
3) Her home in upstate New York is surprisingly ultramodern and rather unique for its middle-class neighborhood. (4)
4) To celebrate Veterans Day, the anniversary of the armistice that ended World War I, troops of former soldiers will march down Main Street carrying U.S flags. (3)
5) Word-of-mouth has it that Ellen will wind up with the only “A” in the class. (2)
6) When Sara spotted the Louis L’Amour paperback, she asked whose book it was. She couldn’t believe it was John’s; after all, nobody reads Westerns anymore. She had no idea he was so weird. (4)

Assignments for 3-6-2010

March 5, 2010

News Story #5

A runaway truck has knocked out power in El Cerrito, including the neighboring cities of Berkeley and Richmond, and caused a fire on Moeser Lane.

The 10-wheel hauler was overturned and smashed against someone’s house with both the truck and the house still smoldering. The truck left a path of destruction in its wake: a snapped power pole and five badly damaged vehicles. It appeared that several people had been hurt as well.

According to El Cerrito Detective Sgt. Shawn Maples, who was among the first to arrive on the scene, heard cries coming from the truck and house and start digging through debris. He spotted the driver lodged between the wheels of the truck, which had flipped on its side. Maples said the driver’s legs were mangled and he couldn’t move. Maples was able to grab his hand and, with some help from Police Chief Scott Kirkland and Detective Ken Zinc, he was able to pull the driver to safety.

Another witness, Ruben Sharma, lives across the street from the single-story home that was destroyed in the fire. He was just about to head back to work around 1:30 when the crash occurred. He said, “First, I thought it was a major earthquake. This is unbelievable.” His front yard is littered with bricks, broken glass, car parts, splintered wood and palm fronds.

A Honda sedan hit by the truck was so crumpled that the driver was trapped inside. Rescue workers sliced into it, peeling back the roof to free the trapped driver. A sport utility vehicle that apparently had a man and boy inside ended up stuck in some shrubbery beside the burning house.

Another man, whose name will not be released, had both of his legs broken in the crash. He is listed in serious but stable condition at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek.


Feature Lead Story

Birthday cake is hot enough to set off fire alarm.

The First United Methodist Church women’s group hosted a birthday party for Mabel McCullough who is turning 95 on September 27th.  The birthday cake was a carrot cake with 95 candles on top of it. When Mabel went to blow them out, a cloud of smoke was created and set off a smoke alarm.

“There wasn’t an inch to spare. By the time we had them all lit, it looked like a torch.” One of the guests Edin Carlin said.  “We had just sat down to eat when we saw them in the doorway”

Carlin spoke in reference to the twenty-four firefighters that showed up with five engines and two ladder companies.

“In my 23 years on the job, I’ve seen a lot of things set off a fire alarm, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of one going off because of a birthday cake.” Fire Chief  Lonnie Lamb said.

The firefighters didn’t stick around to eat birthday cake, although they did have their pictures taken with McCullough.

Ap Style Exercise #3

1) He hopes to make a billion dollars by the time he’s forty. Already he figures his net worth is between $2 and $3 million, depending on current stock prices. (3)
2) Ever since she joined the U.S. Navy on June 15, 2005 she has been a vocal proponent of naval practices and policies. (3)
3) It was a one-sided game, and he was a poor loser. After losing the play-off when his ball went out of bounds, he made an off-color remark that could be heard in the stands. (4)
4) Hundreds of people attended Sunday’s race to watch 75 top bicyclists pedal across the finish line. (4)
5) Every summer the Jones’ and the Kinneys’ pour over travel brochures, planning their winter trip together. This year they’re hoping to vacation in Panama City. (4)
6) The 5-year-old girl was born in Canton, OH, but she now lives in Fremont, CA. (3)

“Revised”Assignments for week 2-27-10

February 28, 2010

News Story #3

Firefighters rescued a man from his burning single story home on Annapolis Way in San Jose yesterday around 3 p.m.

Robert Kent, 50, was found unconscious on the kitchen floor surrounded by flames. Kent has second and third-degree burns on 50 percent of his body and a nursing supervisor at Valley Medical Center San Jose said that he was listed in grave condition.

San Jose fire Captain Rob Piper said that the fire started in the kitchen then spread, with smoke engulfing the whole house. There were no smoke detectors and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

News Story #4

A gas line broke near Folsom and 11th streets in San Francisco, around 12:30 pm yesterday effectively shutting down a four-block area.

According to a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. worker, a private construction crew was trying to repair sewer lines, and severed a two-inch underground gas pipe with a backhoe in the process. At least 100 people had to evacuate the area, including neighborhood residents, dozens of business owners and their customers.

Carlann Lauria, manager of a self-storage company on Folsom near 10th street called Crocker’s Lockers, said that her customers were irate and that her employees had to go outside of police perimeters to collect payment from their customers.

Another manager, Samantha Feldman of Wa-Ha-Ka restaurant said her employees and patrons were forced to leave as the restaurant is at the corner where the construction crew had been working. Feldman said the restaurant lost about $500 worth of business in the shutdown. PG&E stated that the gas was finally turned back on at 5:09 pm.

AP Style Exercises #3

 1) The last time she played soccer, she suffered a serious injury to her knee. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why she wants to keep playing. (2) 2) He was indicted for assault, but his lawyer said the case against him is circumstantial and she is sure the jury will exonerate him. (2) 3) He knows it isn’t kosher, but green Jell-o is his favorite dessert. This admission has prompted his friends to question both his taste and his judgment. (3) 4) Now that he has DSL, he finds it much easier to go online to check his e-mail and download files. (3) 5) He stood at the lectern, addressing his longtime colleagues at the Knights of Columbus. (3)

Copy Edit the World

1. Cell phone needs to have a space in it; The directions for the margin should say 1-inch not i-inch on Kim Uhliks Spring 10 syllabus hrtm 10 http://www.sjsu.edu/people/kim.uhlik/materials/ 2. Massachusetts is not spelled correct on campaign ad http://hotair.com/archives/2010/01/12/coakley-misspells-name-of-state-she-wants-to-represent/

Assignments for week 2-20-10

February 20, 2010

News Story #1

A car plowed through the front window of Joes Food Mart and Video in Norwalk in Los Angeles County yesterday evening, and the driver then tried to buy a six-pack of beer.

Lynn Rice of Norwalk, 74, was driving her 1988 Cadillac when it went through the window according to Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lt. Jenny Han.

The story owner Joe Awada said the car plowed about halfway through the store. No one was injured. After the crash, Rice got out of the car, walked over to the cooler and pulled out a six-pack of Budweiser beer.

Awada said, “I don’t know how she managed to walk.” He added that a cashier refused to sell her the six-pack and instead called the police.

Lt. Han said Rice was taken to a hospital for an examination because she had a medical condition. Rice was also arrested for investigation of misdemeanor dirving under the influence. She was released on $15,000 bail, authorities said.

News Story #2

Fact Set #1

Today at 1:15 a construction truck crashed into a car and killed one person, injuring three others at a parking lot in San Mateo.

The truck barreled down a hill and into a crowded grocery store parking lot, hitting a black sport-utility vehicle broadside. The impact dragged the SUV about 75 feet into the parking lot. Eight or nine other vehicles in the parking lot were also hit.

According to San Mateo Police Captain Kevin Nguyen, the container truck “apparently had some type of mechanical failure” while it was coming down 43rd Avenue, a residential street that dead-ends in a Mollie Stone’s grocery store parking lot.

None of the victims or the driver have been identified. One victim, an occupant of one of the vehicles that was hit, was declared dead at the scene. A pedestrian was also hit and injured. One of the three injured people was taken to Stanford Hospital by helicopter. The other two were taken by ambulance.

Fact #2

       A motorist drove off a 150-foot cliff today at 4:10 AM on Highway 1 at Devil’s Slide.

       A 24-year old San Francisco motorist was driving his Mazda sedan in dense fog, heading north toward San Francisco, when he missed a turn and drove over the side of the cliff.

       The car landed on its wheels. The man was wearing his seat belt. He used his cell phone to call 911.

         The road was closed for two hours in both directions. Rescue crews with the California Highway Patrol and Cal Fire had trouble locating the man because of the fog. They finally reached him 45 minutes later by rappelling off the cliff. They pulled up the man in a protective cage.

      The man was taken to San Francisco General Hospital for observation. His only visible injury was a bump on the head, according to CHP Sgt. Trent Ross. “He did what he was supposed to do; he wore his seat belt,” said Ross, who added that if the driver hadn’t been wearing his seat belt during the accident, “there is no doubt it would have been fatal.”

Top News #3

An article titled “Plane crash kills 3 Tesla Motors employees, striking fear in East Palo Alto neighborhood” appeared a few days ago in San Jose Mercury News online newspaper. The article was about a Cessna airplane that crashed in a neighborhood in East Palo Alto early Wednesday morning, killing all three of its occupants. The pilot and the two passengers were all employees of a company called Tesla Motors. When the plane crashed, homes and a day care were damaged, and all the power in the East Palo Alto neighborhood went out as it also struck a transmission tower. No civilians were injured, but a lot of fear was instilled in their hearts.

Besides the fact that it’s in human nature to feel sympathetic towards the death of someone, this story is significant but it gives many people something else to fear. There are of course the residents of the neighborhood, who are concerned for their own and loved ones safety and are probably wondering if something like this could happen again. I am also pretty sure that this raises concerns in some people who live in cities near airports just because people have fears about things like that happening near their homes, or death by plane if they themselves fly.

The news values that I feel this story covers are proximity because although East Palo Alto is not the San Jose area, San Jose is a city with a major airport and I’m pretty sure people are worried about if something like this crash could happen here, or even if it’s safe to fly on planes regardless if they are carrying human or material cargo. It covers timeliness as this is a event that just happened about two days ago.

AP Style Exercise #2

1)  To ensure the accuracy of the news story, Susan Jones checked with her source. For Jones, this is an everyday practice, not the exception. (4)

2)  As the two boys argued over who should get the last piece of pizza, both seemed equally hungry. Clearly, they had forgotten their earlier decision to forgo having seconds. (2)

3)  He suspected his neighbor was selling drugs, so he called the FBI. His neighbor, however, cried foul at the accusation. (2)

4)  She grew up on the Great Plains, near Alliance, NE, where the winters are long and harsh and the living is hand-to-mouth. (3)

5) Her car was sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver on route 1-A this morning. She wasn’t really injured, but the impact sent the contents of her purse helter-skelter.  (4)

AP style exercise :

February 13, 2010
  • Mayor Richard Wrigley expressed confidence that the gubernatorial debate, which begins at 7:30 p.m. this evening, will have a positive effect on his candidacy. He added, “Gov. Red Davidson is a master of dirty politics, but I won’t take any of his bologna.” (4)
  • For her birthday, the 9-year-old girl invited five good friends over for ice cream and cake. The chocolate cake was so tasty that any of the children could have eaten it all, but they carefully divided it amongst themselves. (4)
  • The new head of the Journalism Department, Dr. Deborah Dunwoody, Ph.D., recently bought a house at Six Riverside Drive in San Mateo, a city in the San Francisco bay area. (4)
  • Rome, Italy – All around the world, Roman catholics listened today as the pope delivered his homily. (3
  • Assignments for week 2-13-2010

    February 13, 2010

    Lead #3

           The San Mateo County coroner announced yesterday that a woman who was found dead at the golf course last month died of accidental drowning.

           Laura Jessica Smythe of Pacifica body,34,was found in Sharp Park Golf Course by a local hiker. Robert Foster, the San Mateo County coroner, said there was nothing to indicate that Smythe’s death was not accidental. He said that her death was “consistent with freshwater drowning, associated with probable hypothermia.” Foster added that she had methamphetamines in her system when she died.

    Lead #4

    1. Forty passengers were evacuated from a Northwest Airlines flight today at the LaCrosse , Wisconsin Airport.

    A landing tower employee spotted smoke near the wheels of Flight 428 following a flight from Minneapolis.

    1. A 7-year-old boy who was missing for three years was found in Brick Township, N.J. Thursday Night.

    A neighbor recognized the child’s picture when it was shown after a movie and called the police

    Lead #5

    Immediate identification :

    Actor and comedian Chevy Chase was, an alumnus of Bard’s College, was appointed to their board of trustees yesterday at an alumni dinner during homecoming week, in Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.


    Delayed Identification:

         A pipe fitter suffered third degree burns Wednesday and is listed in serious condition in the intensive care unit at Springfield Hospital.

          Duane La Chance, 55, was installing new pipes on the roof of Springfield Municipal Power Plant.

    Top News #2

    On San Jose Mercury News website, I read an article titled “California’s revenue bonanza: $1.2 billion higher than expected” The article stated that California’s tax revenues are higher than expected, which could lessen the financial deficit that the state is facing if this keeps up. Congress are currently in debate about what a higher tax revenue could mean Californians. Some optimistic Democrats want to wait a few more months to see if the revenues will match the current spending in the state, and if so then the budget will be adjusted so that programs that effect education and health care will not have to be cut. Then there are others who feel as if we should not wait until May to deal with the budget, but rather it be dealt with as soon as possible.

    This story is of high importance to all residents of California, but it especially hits home with those of us that receive assistance from California programs in regards to health care and education. As a student who relies on CalGrants to help pay for a portion of my education at SJSU, I’ve endured one time too many of my award coming in late, or being cut all together because of the crisis with the budget that our state is facing. This story is a major conflict because one wrong move could result in a lot of people losing out on money that they need to pay for things, myself included. There’s the hopeful republications who want to wait until the middle of the year to see if the state’s tax revenues increase and adjust the budget from there, then there’s the doubtful Republicans and financial analysts who to tackle the issue head on right now, so that we won’t have to make up for losses in the long run.

    The “California’s revenue bonanza: $1.2 billion higher than expected” article touches the news values of conflict in pertains to the issue on how and when to handle the budget program. It has a larger impact because a tighter hold on the budget could cost many children medical care, and a number of college students may find themselves not returning to school for the fall.


    FOG Index

    Excerpt from AFAM term paper:

    The African-American race is a diverse collection of people who vary in many ways:  speech, size, style and skin. These variations tend to make African-Americans a unique body of people as a whole, but not all African-Americans embrace this uniqueness in the same manner. Many African-Americans identify themselves as being a part of the race, but there are a lot of people that like to create sub-sections within the group in its entirety. The sub-sections that stand out the most are the labels that many of us place upon ourselves because of our own skin color. For some reason, we have become a color conscious people who cannot see past “light” or “dark” skin. The reference of how light or dark one’s skin is has become terms that are incorporated in our everyday lives

    Index :




    My index appears to be slightly higher then what the FOG suggests, but for the audience that my writing was aimed at, I don’t think it’s all that bad. The excerpt listed above was for a term paper in my African-American history class relating to a topic that has plagued the African-American community from slavery until now. Since the paper was for college students and professors, I feel that it was simple to read yet sophisticated enough to get a passing grade. But I think that if I wanted to put it out to the public, I may word things a bit different to appeal to a general audience with no history of the topic.